Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sandy Denny, Gold Dust: A gotten-passionate memory

I was just surfing the Web, sans protective wet suit, in hopes of finding a version of my liner notes for Sandy Denny's Gold Dust album online, in an easy-to-copy-for-the-blog version. It used to be up there somewhere.

In the process, I ran across an Italian site ( with my name in it.

I don't read Italian; I only eat Italian. Here's the sentence:

“Commovente il booklet che dedica questo paziente lavoro alle nipotine di Sandy, nate in Australia dalla figlia Georgia nell’aprile del 1997, appassionato il ricordo di Pamela Murray Winters che ci fa venire veramente il magone (e ha promesso una biografia per questa primavera).”

And here's Google's helpful auto-translation:

“Moving booklet that it dedicates the this patient job to the nipotine of Sandy, been born in Australia from the Georgia daughter in you open it them of 1997, gotten passionate the memory of Pamela Murray Winters whom it makes us to come the magone truly (and has promised one biography for this spring).”

If I've ever made anyone to come the magone truly, I certainly didn't expect to read about it on the Internet.

And don't hold your breath for one biography for the spring. Long story, best told over G&T's (extra limes).

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